Ohm-Kara Nadanam ( ഓംകാര നടനം) – An excellent reunion short-film done by CET EEE 1995 batch.

We gather that the video was done as part of the 95 batch’s Reunion and Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Covid 19 had upended their plans to meet in July 2020 and thus paved the way for this virtual gathering, packaged to form a fun and thrilling video and resulting in the best possible outcome of such a virtual meet.

What is worth mentioning at the outset is the energy and enthusiasm of the participants despite 25 years after their graduation that is reflected in the video, which contains all elements required of a fine entertaining watch.

Good cinematography with College of Engineering – Trivandrum itself faring as a major location bringing in that element of the 1990s nostalgia, Good crisp dialogues and narration of characters, suspense, and mystery mixed with a bit of humor throughout, modernity and medieval time-lines well merged, music and dance with a good variety of numbers, a very different storyline that captures every essence of a mystical mysterious thriller, funny subtitles, and apt musical background is on the offing.

The surprising part is that the original choreo-event, the only one that was planned and completed was later converted into a short-film with a very unique script crafted around the moves and shakes to make it a short-film. That must have been really tough to create a script after a dance, but nowhere while watching a viewer gets to sense the difference as it merges so naturally with the storyline.

Such a program done during covid2020 restrictions and after 25 years of separation by the CET EE batch-mates imparts in us a feeling of awe and inspiration for which they deserve standing applause.

Have a great watch! Here’s the link:

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