Gary Oldman Wins Oscar 2018 for ‘Best Actor’

Gary Oldman wins this years Oscar for the playing the role Winston Churchill in the movie Darkest Hour.

Gary Oldman in his Churchill make-over.

The actor had played the role of the British Priminister during the second world war. It is a great acclamation for Oldman who took great pain for this role. “We had a number of makeup tests,” Oldman said in an interview with Vanity Fair, “and I think I wore the makeup in total 61 times — over 200 hours in the makeup chair. There’s something very special when you’re in the makeup chair, and about two hours and 45 minutes in, you start to look in the mirror and you see the spirit of the man. It’s remarkable.”

Gary Oldman

Kazuhiro Tsuji is the artist behind Gary Oldman’s jaw-dropping transformation into Winston Churchill for the film “Darkest Hour”. Tsuji worked as a special effects makeup artist for about 25 years and then to three-dimensional portrait artist.

Gary Oldman (Left) and Winston Churchill (Right)

The transformation needed from Oldman, a slender 59-year-old, to Winston Churchill, a heavily built 66 year-old, required great skillful maneuvers. “Gary looks like a greyhound but Churchill is like a bulldog,” Tsuji said.

Gary Oldman as Churchill.

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