‘Baahubali’ is great, but hold your horses: Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan has come out in praise of Baahubali and the Rs. 1,000 crore that it has raked in at the box office. Speaking from the sets of the Tamil version of Bigg Boss, which he’s shooting for Vijay TV, he says, “Baahubali is the best thing that could have happened to the film industry, financially speaking. They’ve worked hard for it.” There’s a rider however. Discussing the movie’s grand CG (computer graphics) aided imagery, he adds, “But when they say that we can beat Hollywood, I’d say hold your horses. That’s because these are CG horses.”

The actor, who will be releasing Vishwaroopam 2 this year, is convinced that it is big step forward. “It also proves that we have a great culture and also the best of stories here. But then they say we have 2000 years of culture. There, I’d like to intervene. We are not 2000 years old, we are 70. Don’t hark on Chandragupta Maurya or Ashoka; they’re not my forefathers. They are so far back in the past that we cannot emulate or interpret (their stories) in modern life. But we are trying to – we are grappling between the past and the present, and slipping and slithering.”

With the success of Baahubali, the thrust in filmdom is on historical subjects. Kamal’s daughter, Shruti, is the leading lady of upcoming Tamil historical drama Sanghamitra, which will be launched at Cannes next week.

Does all this inspire the ‘Ulaganayagan’ to re-start his dream project Marudhanayagam? “Fans have been asking for it for a while. I started it a long time back, but then we began Marmayogi and story-boarded it. It’s not like we are a fountainhead of ideas. We inspire each other. I might be inspired to do something,” says the actor. Credits:TheHindu

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